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Center For Sight Hair Doctor Appointed to Faculty of Regenerative Medicine Symposium

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The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) has invited Center For Sight’s hair restoration specialist Joseph Greco, Ph.D., PA-C, to present his research on follicular cellular therapy and “Alternative Applications Utilizing Autologous Cellular Therapy” to colleagues at the Third Annual PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium in Los Angeles on July 13 and 14. The symposium Faculty consists of biologic experts from around the world teaching physicians the latest advances in Ultrasound Guided Techniques for PRP and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injection Techniques through lectures, cadaver lab, hands-on training and observation of live patient PRP injections.


“I’m thrilled to be able to share our research and experience to advance collective understanding of regenerative medicine,” says Dr. Greco. “To be able to use our own cells to rejuvenate and heal our bodies is exciting. This is modern science at its best and it is the future of medicine.” Recognized as a pioneer in cellular therapy for hair loss diseases, Dr. Greco’s presentation will not only cover his work with growth factor and stem cell technology to facilitate hair re-growth, but also their use for cosmetic purposes, facial rejuvenation and wound healing treatments. He will also demonstrate a new device used to perform orthopedic stem cell treatments developed by OroGen BioSciences a biotech company he represents.


Autologous cellular therapy helps restore damaged cells by taking the patient’s own blood and or stem cells, processing it to increase the body’s cells that are responsible for healing. When the healing cells latch onto the body’s natural protein architecture, the new cells can reproduce and ultimately regenerate hair, tissue or bone.

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