Posted on April 27, 2012

Center For Sight founder and CEO, Dr. David Shoemaker, was among a select group of 18 ophthalmologists from the U.S. and abroad, who traveled to Lima, Peru to perform laser cataract surgery on Peruvians with very dense cataracts at the Instituto de Ojos Sacro Cuore. The mission was part of a skills transfer program arranged by LensAR, Inc., an Orlando-based company that is designing the next phase of advanced femtosecond laser technology for refractive cataract surgery. In all, 70 cases were performed with remarkable results.


Dr. Shoemaker agrees the new technology holds great promise. “Amazing technology. Flawless execution,” he says. “There is no doubt the LensAR System will result in safer and more predictable outcomes for our patients. It is rare to experience a true ‘Wow!’ moment, and that is exactly what this laser does. Wow!”


The LensAR Laser System uses the most advanced measurement guided beam technology ever offered to cataract surgeons. Previous generations have been cleared by FDA for two specific procedures: anterior capsulotomy and lens fragmentation. The new system has been successfully used in more than 600 eyes worldwide with excellent clinical success and reliability, paving the way to be considered for FDA approval for all cataract procedures.

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