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Allergy Tests

Allergy Tests

At Center For Sight, we are committed to providing the most advanced care to our patients to help them achieve a better quality of life. To expand on that mission, we are delighted to now offer environmental allergy testing. This initiative, led by Dr. Joaquin DeRojas, Director of Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease, will be performed at our Venice office location.

Using an efficient process that takes just 15 minutes and is billed to your insurance, we can test for 78 common environmental allergens. 


Are you suffering from ocular allergies? Common Symptoms include:

  • “Itchy eyes” or related symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis 
  • Frequent “Dry eye” symptoms or history of allergies or allergy medication use
  • Chronic “red eyes”

Allergy tests for these scenarios may help to highlight and differentiate an allergic environmental component from dry eye disease to guide further management with your physician and other medical specialists.  

In addition to common environmental allergy testing to address ocular symptoms, we have several allergy tests available to test for allergic reactions to cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and fragrances. Our dermatology team, led by Dr. Joshua Newman and Shannon Bednarz, PA-C, perform this test at our affiliate practice, AMARA Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology in Venice, FL.

Ocular allergies are inflammatory reaction(s) to environmental allergens – pollen, dust mites, grass, rag weed, pet dander, etc. The reaction results in inflammation of the conjunctive tissue, as well as the eyelids. Symptoms are mild to severe with varying degrees of discomfort. While eye discomfort may have different causes that may overlap, AllerFocus™ offers an easy and painless way to pinpoint sources.

ocular surface disease diagram

This is a skin reaction that occurs when you touch or contact substances that you are allergic to. Your skin can be itchy, cracked, red, sore, and even bleed. The substances that cause this reaction can be an ingredient in your makeup, aftershave, shampoo, jewelry, medication, and clothing. You may also find these substances at work in your cleaning supplies, paper and ink, medicines, disinfectants, construction materials and rubber products.

T.R.U.E. TEST is a reliable, easy to use patch test. It is designed to help your doctor find out whether you are allergic to the substances included on the test panels. The test panels contain 35 different substances known to cause allergic contact dermatitis. T.R.U.E. TEST also includes a negative control that can help your doctor interpret your skin reactions.

t.r.u.e. test panel

We continually strive to improve the patient experience and optimize patient care at Center For Sight and AMARA, and we believe that treating dry eye and ocular surface disease, in addition to dermatologic allergies is an important initiative. 

If you are interested in allergy testing, please schedule a consultation online or call (941) 488-2020.


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