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Benita Benicki

Benita Benicki

Optical Technician

Benita Benicki

Benita Benicki is an optical technician in the Englewood location. Benita has been a Center For Sight team member since 2006.

Attending DVT School of Cosmetology, Benita started out with career intentions in a different field. She then started a part-time job and grew to love the field of opticianry. She enjoys helping people and improving their sight. She has been certified with the American Board of Opticianry since 1997.

Benita lives in Port Charlotte with her husband, Butch, and their dog, Fred. They have two children, Jason and Christi, and five grandchildren.

Benita loves spending her spare time boating, fishing, scuba diving, motorcycling and skydiving. During vacation time, Benita can be found in the Keys or back in Arkansas, spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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