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Approximately 12 million Americans suffer from a disease called dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture in the eye. Its consequences range from vision fluctuation, subtle but consistent irritation to ocular inflammation of the anterior tissues of the eye. The condition is one of the most common disorders among people over 40. In fact, 20% of all adults have some degree of dry eye syndrome and women past menopause are especially susceptible.

For some people, the stinging, burning and redness may seem like little more than a nuisance.  But, if left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to serious eye problems, including blindness. Dry eyes are inflamed eyes. Inflammation of the front surface of the eye increases the risk of infection and can also lead to scarring. Once scarring occurs, permanent loss of sight can occur.

Center For Sight doctors are here to assist you with your dry eye needs. Dr. William Lahners, Dr. Joaquin De Rojas and Dr. William Soscia  all have specialty training in treating severe dry eye and ocular surface diseases. Please call (941) 925-2020 to book a consultation.

Your Meibomian glands are located in your eyelids, where they secrete an oily fluid that enhances your tear film and slows the evaporation of your tears. This allows the tears to keep your cornea well lubricated for smooth and clear vision.

When the meibomian glands are either blocked or don’t function optimally, the lipid (fatty) layer of your tear film isn’t rich enough to maintain lasting moisture on your eyes. In addition to the rapid evaporation of tears, there is also greater friction between the cornea and eyelids. This is what causes dry eye symptoms.

Eye care professionals estimate that approximately 86% of patients diagnosed with dry eye symptoms have a poor quality tear film due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Unfortunately, MGD is chronic and progressive; when left untreated, the symptoms generally worsen.


At Center For Sight, we are committed to offering the latest eye care treatments and technology to ensure you are seeing your best. For adult patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), also known as evaporative dry eye, the iLux® device is unique in that it warms and compresses the eyelids, gently releasing your eye’s natural oil from blocked meibomian glands.

The iLux treatment takes only 8-12 minutes. Your doctor will first assess your eyelids and determine the appropriate treatment zones. Next, your Center For Sight technician will place the device on your eyelid and begin the procedure. The iLux® MGD treatment device utilizes a unique patient interface to deliver heat precisely to the blocked meibomian glands. During the procedure, warm compression pads are used to painlessly express the oil. Once the glands are unblocked, it will be easier for the oil to be released naturally.

Reduction in dry eye symptoms, such as gritty eyes and irritation and fluctuations in vision were shown to substantially decrease following the use of the iLux® device. In fact, the initial iLux clinical trials showed that patients’ meibomian gland function was 3x better at two weeks post-treatment and 4x better at four weeks.

If you are suffering from dry eye symptoms or have been diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the iLux treatment may be a quick, painless solution to provide comfort for an extended period of time.

LipiFlow, by Johnson & Johnson Vision, is a Thermal Pulsation System that improves the function of meibomian glands. FDA-approved, safe and totally drug-free, it consists of a console and a single-use sterile Activator tool. Through gentle massage and heat, LipiFlow can enhance the quality of meibomian gland secretions. Eye doctors around the world are equipping their eye care clinics with this breakthrough technology to treat dry eye. This service is available at the following locations: 2650 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34239.

Your eye doctor will begin by inserting numbing eye drops to ensure patient comfort. LipiFlow’s contoured eyepiece will then be placed gently over your cornea, vaulting over your eye’s surface in order to protect the delicate ocular structure. LipiFlow applies therapeutic heat and peristaltic energy pressure, with numerous sensors that regulate the temperature and pressure pulses. The combination of massage and heat works to expel any meibomian gland obstructions. The entire in-office procedure takes about 12 minutes.

Center For Sight offers a variety of products for the treatment of Dry Eye Diseases:

  • Artificial tears: Oasis Tears Plus, Retaine MGD, TheraTears Dry Eye Therapy
  • Warm compress mask: Oasis REST & RELIEF® Hot & Cold Eye Mask
  • Lidscrubs and foam cleaners from Oasis, TheraTears, Blephadex and Ocusoft
  • Retaine PM nighttime ointment
  • Punctal plugs done in the office by doctor or technician
  • TheraTears Eye Nutrition Omega-3 oral supplement
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