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10 Health Problems an Eye Exam Can Detect

Man doing eye test checking examination with ophthalmologist in sarasota

There’s a common phrase that the eyes are “the windows into the soul.” At Center For Sight, your trusted ophthalmologist in Sarasota, knows they’re so much more than that; they’re the windows into your overall health. Routine eye exams reveal clues about various undiagnosed or unmanaged health conditions. By maintaining regular eye check-ups, you can […]

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How Often Should You Book an Eye Exam? All About Vision

women taking an eye exam

Most of us take advantage of our physical capabilities every day. Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling all become entitlements rather than privileges over time. But when it comes to eye health, early detection and prevention is a necessity, not a luxury—and that goes for all pairs of eyes. Regular exams with an ophthalmologist in […]

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