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What Is The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)?

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Woman's eye lens focused with light projection to show light adjustable lens qualities.

Cataracts can be challenging to manage and navigate—fortunately, your eye care professional can help with innovative solutions for cataracts, like the Light Adjustable Lens

The telltale signs and symptoms of cataract development can include:

  • Clouding vision
  • Losing color perception
  • Having trouble reading 

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is a premium lens technology that allows continued customization after your cataract surgery. This allows your eyes to heal and adjust before securing your prescription.

Let’s explore how the Light Adjustable Lens works and how it can benefit you and your vision.

The Benefits of Light Adjustable Lenses

Cataracts develop when the normally clear lens in your eye becomes cloudy. When cataracts begin interfering with your daily activities, like driving or reading, your eye doctor may recommend surgery to remove them.

That’s where the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) comes in. The LAL is an excellent choice for people who have undergone prior cornea surgery or may not be a candidate for other premium intraocular lenses. The LAL is unique in that it allows you to customize your vision after surgery has taken place. 

Why the Light Adjustable Lens?

The LAL is an adaptable way to optimize your vision. With the LAL, you can adjust and preview your vision until it meets your vision needs and lifestyle requirements. 

The LAL process is all about efficiency, and your eye doctor can customize your vision further after lens implantation through quick in-office light treatment sessions.

Customizing Your Vision

The first step to beginning your journey with the Light Adjustable Lens is to have your cataract safely removed by your eye care professional and have the LAL implanted.

The Light Adjustable Lens uses photosensitive material that automatically alters the shape and power of your implanted lens when responding to ultraviolet (UV) light treatments.

A physician holding a light adjustable lens with a pair of tweezers.

The Power of the LAL

The Light Adjustable Lens is an advanced alternative to a traditional lens implant, and it’s the only lens in the world that can be adjusted after being inserted in your eye. This technology is a breakthrough in cataract care that allows for more vision customization than ever before.

This precise focusing of lens power following surgery can improve uncorrected vision quality beyond what is typically obtained with standard intraocular lenses.

Your vision is ever-changing, so continued customization is an excellent way for you to preserve your long-term vision and achieve your vision goals!

What to Expect Following Surgery

In the weeks after your cataract surgery, you work together with your eye care professional to optimize your vision using UV light treatments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the LAL for patients with pre-existing astigmatism of 0.75 diopters or more who are opting for cataract surgery so you can confidently begin your vision correction journey. 

Long-Term Vision Solutions

The Light Adjustable Lens is an exciting technology that can help you tweak your vision even after surgery is performed. Through the LAL, your ophthalmologist can help you achieve your vision goals and continue to follow your vision journey, making adjustments along the way.

Contact our team at Center For Sight to learn more about laser cataract surgery and the Light Adjustable Lens.

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